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Digital Garden

Digital gardens represent a collection of your thoughts and knowledge on various topics. Some might be as small as one paragraph, others as big as a complete guide on a subject.

When new ideas are formed, they are compared with seeds planted in a garden. As time passes and your knowledge increases, the ideas start to shape themselves into an organized form, reaching a so-called "evergreen" state.

Digital gardens differ from traditional blogs in that posts are not ordered chronologically, but instead resemble a network of ideas that are linked together.

You can get started nowadays with a plethora of options. If you want solutions out of the box, you can use Obsidian, Notion, and TiddlyWiki.

If you want to get your hands on a bit of coding, tools like Gatsby or Jekyll make it quite easy to have something running in less than 25 minutes. For example, this digital garden is build using Mathieu Dutour's Gatsby-Digital-Garden solution.

Maggie's Blog has examples of digital gardens as well as a comprehensive list of tools to get you started:

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Digital Garden